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Universal credits for service can be found on gov dot UK in order to open an account and claim universal credit you will need to have an email address mobile number and your personal details to hand although the service will prompt you for these in advance typically it takes under half an hour for a single person and an hour for a couple to claim but this can be quicker if you have all your details to hand the service is available for mobile tablet and desktop a mullah can feel the same across all devices with the same functionality for all from the initial screen you can create an account sign into an existing account or linked accounts together using a partner code to show that you're part of a couple by entering your postcode first you will know if their full service is available in your area and if so you'll be asked if you'd like to claim as a single person or as part of a couple you will then be asked to create a unique username and password to informational questions can then be chosen to add additional security for when you use your account in the future after entering in some personal details you'll then be asked for your preferred method of contact for whenever your account is updated from there you will need to verify your email address using the code sent to you at this point you've created your online account and can now apply for universal credit this introduces you to the first concept of the service to do a to-do is an action that you need to complete in order to receive universal credit these can be system generated or they can be sent by a member of staff from the Job Center or the service center each to do is stand alone and so they can be completed in any order and these from the basic interaction blocks between a claimant and the Department for Work and Pensions in this context each to do is about providing information to make a claim for universal credit if I declare my nationality for example by selecting the option that applies to me and pressing done the to do is complete it removed from my list and stored in my journal for future reference some to dues have reactive questions depending on the information given we will only be asked specific questions if they relate to you so if you have no children in your household for example no other questions about them will be asked information is saved after each page so if you need to stop for any reason you can return to where you left off however your claim for universal credit will not be finished until all of your - dues are completed and you've declared that the information is correct information will be requested on savings earnings health additional benefits other people living in your household your living situation and your bank account details once all the to do is are complete a new one appears allowing you to review and confirm all the information given it's at this point you can amend any mistakes by pressing no on the box of the incorrect information and you'll be...